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Accreditation and collaborations

Seeds of Innocence signs strategic cooperation agreement with Vrouwenkliniek – Belgium on 7th July 2015. Speaking on the occasion Honourable Home Minister Sri. Rajnath Singh Jee said, this is such an important initiative in the area of reproductive medicine and our society would have tremendous benefits from services and researches happening in this space. He also appreciated the support and contribution of Dr. Petra De Sutter of Vrouwenkliniek – Belgium in launching this project.

While signing the cooperation agreement, Dr. Petra De Sutter said the issue of infertility is extremely sensitive more particularly in conservative societies. As professionals, we should continuously strive to make the treatment affordable by every section of society.

Founder and Director Dr. Gauri Agarwal said, we placed the first step strategically on the path of preventing infertility scenarios and promote natural pregnancy. Conducting camps, television programs and social media campaigns are few to pick from the list of initiatives we took to create awareness on the possibility of preventing infirmity scenarios / conditions. This collaboration with Vrouwenkliniek – Belgium would make us strong in terms of quality standards and creates access to new generation procedures.

The cooperation agreement signed covers various important initiatives including designing of quality management system, programs of competency enrichment and gateways of treatment referrals, thus making the project truly world-class.


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