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Tubal Block

For Healthy Female reproduction Tubes play an important role. Its role is to pick the egg from the ovary and help in fertilization of egg with the sperm and transport it to the uterus.

How tubal problem can cause infertility?

Tubal anatomy abnormalities can prevent sperm and ovum union, Proximal tubal obstructions prevent sperm from reaching tubes whereas distal tubal obstructions prevent ovum capture.

          Tubal occlusion and adnexal adhesions can account for 25 to 35 % female infertility

Can be one sided or both sided.

Causes of tubal block –

  1. Infection like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), septic abortion, ruptured appendix, Tuberculosis

  2. Tubal surgery

  3. Previous Ectopic

  4. Endometriosis

  5. Tubal polyp, tubal debris

  6. Hydrosalpinx (Fluid in the Tubes)

Tests for Detection –

Three practical test for tube testing are as follows -

  1. An X-Ray test known as Hysterosalpingography which is generally the first test – cheap and noninvasive

  2. Ultrasound known as HyCoSy can also be used  - advantage is least invasive and minima pain but disadvantage is difficult to make out if both tubes are patent or single and if single which one is patent

  3. Laparoscopy and tubal testing   – Gold standard test which can be therapeutic as well. If there is block in hysterosalpingogram then its better to confirm by laparoscopy

You can undergo testing as per your doctor’s suggestion

Options available –

If your single tube is blocked then you are lucky as still there are natural ways you can conceive with. You can try naturally by taking assistance of follicular monitoring or intrauterine insemination (IUI). Better chances when follicle formed on the side where tube is open.

If Both tubes are blocked –

  1. Laparoscopy and proceed is the first treatment- sometimes mild adhesions can be released and tubes can be patent. If tubes blocked even after Laparoscopy then go For IVF (In vitro Fertilization).

  2. Hysteroscopic cannulization also can be effective

  3. If Hydrosalpinx present then better to get Laparoscopic tubal clipping followed by IVF. Tubal clipping helps to prevent toxins releasing into uterus which prevents embryo implantation

  4. Directly go for IVf in case of other factors associated like low egg or sperm quality

  5. There are couple of cases which have undergone tubal ligation and for some reason now wants to conceive. They can either go for tubal recanalization or IVF depending on other factors involved

So, whatever above problem you have, you can consult us for the treatment and we can help you finding the solution.


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