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According to the secondary analysis of “Effects of Aspirin” in gestation and reproduction project, low dose aspirin may increase the chances of pregnancy in certain women. Studies reported that aspirin improves pregnancy and live birth rates in women with a miscarriage within the last twelve months.

Researchers found that pregnancy rates are lower when CRP (C - reactive protein) is higher as baseline and taking aspirin increased pregnancy rates by 17%. Aspirin increases blood flow to the pelvis and increase endometrial thickness. The anti-inflammatory effect of low dose aspirin improves implantation rates in women by 15%. Patients with Hughes Syndrome (Anti phospholipids syndrome or APS) have the tendency to develop clots and this can lead to miscarriage. Low dose of aspirin is recommended in patients who are likely to get pre eclampsia due to long running high blood pressure, severe diabetes, kidney disease or a past history of pre eclampsia.

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