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Fertility yoga

When we think of yoga we think of many added benefits like flexibility of the body, better energy level and a trim body. Apart from all such benefits yoga plays a vital role in boosting up the fertility level and helping your body to conceive in a better way. We cannot lay much emphasis on the fact that yoga helps in strengthening your body and mind, also, creating an overall balance between all your bodily functions including the reproductive system. Tight-packed schedules, monotonous office hours, pollution level and excessive workload often result in increasing stress level. Research shows how stress significantly hampers your body’s fertility.  Depression, anxiety, stress and guilt also lower your chance of conceiving. Yoga comes to your rescue here. Regular practicing of yoga calms down your mind, soothes your soul and makes you happy from inside. It doesn’t assure conception but yes, it increases your fertility rate and prepares your mind and body for conception.

The question arises here is, what type of yoga should be practiced? Fertility yoga is becoming very popular due to its long-term benefits. Fertility yoga helps to nurture, support and strengthen the endocrine and the reproductive system. The endocrine system is essential for proper hormonal balance. Yoga helps in eliminating the blockages in the blood that flows to the uterus. This again helps in increasing the blood flow to the lower part of the body and supports the body in detoxifying. Some of the yoga poses boost the immune system and speed up the body’s healing mechanism to prepare it for conception. Yoga for fertility helps in eliminating the harmful side effects of fertility drugs as well. With a reduction in stress levels, the body’s ability to cope with the fertility treatments increases your chances of getting pregnant.

Fertility yoga is much like your daily yoga routine. There are many yoga centers that provide fertility yoga sessions. Specific poses are performed in that session for aiding a woman’s effort to get pregnant. Fertility Yoga can assist in boosting a woman’s biological clock and hormonal balance, including menstrual cycle regularity. With regular practice, fertility Yoga enables individuals to connect to their bodies and their partners in a better way. Fertility yoga comprises of a specific series of stretches that have positive effects on reproductive health. Include fertility yoga in your daily routine and lay down a great foundation for a healthy pregnancy.



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