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NIPT Non Invasive Prenatal Testing

At Seeds of Innocence, we are offering pregnancies with healthy babies by using our latest technology PGS/PGD where we can detect the chromosomal abnormalities with accuracy and hence can save the next generation from having birth defects.

Next generation sequencing, as the name has been given to our Genekart symbolizes the healthy and aneuploidy free babies to parents with genetic disorders. We recently had a blood report of quadruple test indicating high risk pregnancy. The patient was counseled for NIPT which is 98% accurate test for estimating the chance or the risk that the baby has Down syndrome. NIPT or non invasive prenatal testing was done by having maternal blood. The result was found to be negative.

Although both tests involve a sample of maternal blood, NIPT analyses the cell-free DNA in the mother’s blood, quadruple test analyses the mother’s hormone levels. NIPT for Down syndrome works by analyzing the DNA fragments present in the maternal plasma during pregnancy. Each chromosome has sequences of DNA that are specific to that particular chromosome. By analyzing and counting all the DNA sequences that link or map to each individual chromosome the syndrome or aneuploidy can be detected and the pregnancy can be accordingly dealt with.



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