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PGSPGD- Improving Generations

Seeds of innocence IVF and Surrogacy Hospital, Malviya Nagar New Delhi is the first in North India to launch genetic sequencing facility- PGS/PGD which is an advanced technique to improve the success rate of IVF. Dr. Gauri Agarwal Director and fertility specialist states that the cause of IVF failure is not known despite providing international quality elite treatment facility and taking all necessary precautions. 

Recalling a case of an elderly female with multiple IVF failures she said that a woman aged about 43 years visited the hospital about two months back and burst into tears while explaining her trauma of three failed cycles of IVF. She underwent the treatment by her own eggs and faced implantation failure every time. Now, she again wanted to undergo the treatment using her own eggs. We stimulated her from second day of her periods and four oocytes were retrieved. The embryos were formed and put for genetic screening. Out of four only one embryo was free of aneuploidy. This blastocyst embryo was transferred and to our utmost expectation pregnancy result came out positive. She is now having a two months viable pregnancy. 

Talking further about the PGS technique she told that in vitro fertilized embryos can be assessed at two levels, morphologically and chromosomally. It has been established that along with morphology, chromosomal abnormality also affects the embryo implantation rate. This chromosomal abnormality can be assessed by using next generation sequencing technique and micro array.

By using this technique, clinician can ensure that the specific embryo is free from any chromosomal anomaly like Down’s syndrome, Turner’s syndrome, Ptau, Edward, Kleinfeltor syndrome and few micro duplication associated syndromes. Also few chromosomal abnormalities are associated with poor implantation which is the major cause of IVF failures. The implantation rate can be increased from 40% to 60-65% by using next generation sequencing technique.




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