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Social and Mental Stigma of Infertility

    Infertility, a tough journey with bumpy roads, challenging and heart breaking, leaves a void in the hearts of infertile couples over the traumatic years. Infertility is a total loss, loss of pregnancy, loss of parenthood, loss of social goodness and unfortunately loss of hope too. Couple swaying in dismay feels distant and isolated from the families and society as they are afraid of the agonizing words like, “its God wish, we can’t do anything, you should adopt now or even the remarriage of either of the partner. The problem of not conceiving becomes more of a psychological threat rather than the dysfunction of reproductive system. 
        The grief is chronic and elusive; some feel a sense of damage and brokenness. Patients slink around and sit in corners and don’t want to see anyone from their social circle. The dread and shame doesn’t let them speak their minds out. The exhausting experience of not having a child even after spending money like water shatters their world makes them bitter and fragile. The couples desperately move from one clinic to another and sometimes wander to the sorceries to find hope and happiness.
        The other aspect of not conceiving for so many years lies in the inadequate knowledge of fertility and its treatment options. People still don’t find their way to the fertility clinics at a preliminary stage; instead make a roller coaster ride from trying on their own to visiting the local gynecologists. They fail to understand that this will worsen their problem and the most fertile years will be lost without yielding any fruitful results. Couples are mentally, socially and medically frayed and in the chronic conditions think of breakups or even ending their lives.
    “You can cut the tension with a knife” if it would have been the truth then no frustration and mourning could ruin a life. Instead of the painful ordeal it is advisable to allow oneself to open up to others who are experiencing the same snowstorm.
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