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Low Sperm Count

Now A Days due to lifestyles changes and day to day increasing stress factors male infertility is becoming very common. But not to worry, Technologies have evolved and there is solution to almost everything.

So here we  summarize few important points to how to go about low sperm count.

Initial screening of male involves basic history and semen analysis.

Recent WHO criteria defines low sperm count as count less than 15 million, progressive motility less than 32% and morphology less than 4%.

There is another entity Known as Azoospermia where there are no sperms on two semen analysis one month apart.

Low sperm count can be due to various reasons –

  • Hormonal disorders like – Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism

  • After Genitourinary surgeries or trauma

  • Genetic and Congenital causes like klienfelter’s syndrome, Y chromosome deletions, immotile cilia syndrome, Cryptorchidism

  • Antispermatogenic agents like heat, chemotherapy, drugs, irradiation

  • Torsion, varicocele

  • Immunological

  • Infection

  • Lifestyle like excess of alcohol and smoking, Obesity

  • Retrograde Ejaculation

  • Idiopathic

Solution to the above cause in simple words can be –

  1. Life Style changes- Avoiding alcohol, smoking, weight loss, To minimize exposure to heat like excess of bike use and keeping laptops at laps, Reduce stress levels

  2. Medical treatment like antiestrogen , antioxidants, Hormonal injections, Antibiotics and antifungals

  3. Surgical like Vasectomy reversal, grade 3 and 4 varicocele

  4. Assisted Reproductive Technology
    In case of of low sperm count along with the adjuvant therapy we advise

    • IUI  ( intrauterine Insemination) - where sperms are washed and best possible motile sperms are inserted in the uterus

    • IVF (Invitro Fertilization) -  where count is very low or IUI has failed

    •  ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm insemination) – Along with IVF , ICSI is done in very low count where sperms are directly inserted into oocytes resulting in better fertilization rates

    • Testicular Biopsy   In case Azoospermia persists then now a days we can take the testicular biopsy and directly sperms can be retrieved and subjected to ICSI in cases where sperms are produced but not present in semen

    • Donor Sperms  Last option is Donor sperms when all the above options doesnot help

    So, whatever above problem you have, you can consult us for the treatment

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