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Poor Endometrium

We all know that uterus is the house for developing baby.
Endometrium is the lining of uterus which gradually becomes thicker and enriched with blood so to receive embryo and to help in implantation
By ultrasound we can measure the lining of the uterus.
Optimal lining for implantation should be three layered ( trilaminar) measuring btwn 8-10.5 mm
Implantation can fail if the lining is too thin or too thick or if there is a polyp or a fibroid seated in the uterine cavity
Too thin line can be due to infection ,injury or Genital Koch’s
Too thick line can be due to a polyp, fibroid or hormonal imbalance
By ultrasound at times these pathologies cannot be identified accurately
Poor endometrium plays a major role in implantation failure
So it is very much advisable to go through Hysteroscopy to find out such uterine abnormalities and perform operative surgeries to reform the lining for better implantation and successful pregnancies
Indication for hysteroscopy : failed IVF , repeated miscarriages , injuries due to D & C , infections , uterine fibroids , polyps

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