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Repeated Failed IVF Cycles

An unsuccessful IVF can be emotionally and financially devasting

but the failed cycles can give us more clues about consequent IVF cycle causes of failed cycles can be due to

  1. Poor Quality Of Eggs

  2. Poor Quality Of Embryos

  3. Implantation Failure Due To Uterine Pathology

  4. Poor Quality Of Sperms

We can solve such problems by

  1. Selecting a proper protocol which suits the ovarian age and patients age

  2. Another indeed but important factor is to thoroughly investigate and rule out the cause and to treat patient accordingly

  3. Like autoimmune problems, connective tissue disorders

  4. To rule out uterine pathologies like adhesions, septum, polyps, fibroids before doing the transfer

  5. It’s advisable to undergo PGS testing for aneuploidies which has become a very common reason for IVF failure, so through PGS we can choose a healthy embryo for transfer

  6. Other options like IVF with donor eggs, donor sperms or donor embryos

  7. So failed cycles should not be a worry and not to be given up but to look forward for a successful pregnancy

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